O ‘Crystal Ball!

So I only got about 40 minutes of sleep last night and I still have some more of the paper to do. I have about two hours until I turn it in. :\ I am suprisingly awake and not tired, ask me later on this afternoon after I get out of Brit. Lit….then, maybe then will I be. It was a nice drive this morning. I pretty much tailed Andrew about half the way. I listened to some David Crowder whom I’ve been missing for awhile. I just can’t wait for this paper and my classes to be over so I can go home, sleep, and spend some time with Jesus. This has been some of the roughest two weeks I have ever had. I have not gotten the amount of sleep I have wanted, I have had made little time to spend reading the Gospel and be with my family. I’ve been wanting to watch the whole Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) again since it has been half a year since I last watched it. It is over ten freaking hours!! And I watch the special features too (*Trent does Kevin expression from “The Office”).
I had a Nike meeting last night and it was actually pretty awesome. I was team captain of the blue team and we won. Our team gets a pizza party. We got trained on the Nike Plus footwear, apparel, and iPod system as well. I didn’t get home till about 10:15 though. OH! And we made a deal with the people who placed an offer on our house! So it looks like everything should be good from here on out with our house and moving in after Christmas.
So, what is my goal this week:
1. Study Generation Y and Generation Z. Try to figure out why kids seem to have no constant awareness of God these days.
2. Work on SPIN Production and the Groove Initative.
3. Sleep.
4. Work 30 hours at Nike. (That is both good and bad)
5. Spend more time awakening to God.
6. Spend more time with my family.
7. Hopefully go visit my aunt and uncle.
8. Starbucks on Thursday!!!
9. Heroes and the last original episode of “Office” due to the strike.
10. __________________________________

I leave you with a nice song from Keane, the music video will be posted on my afternoon break with more details.

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