Moving Back

So I told you yesterday I would enunciate more. I am moving back home after only a short 4 weeks at Andrew’s new home. Why? Because I apparently learned what God intended me to learn. I awakened to Him. I began to understand love, community, giving, finances, prayer, dependence. And all of this in this short amount of time. In human terms, I feel the wise thing to do financially and for my future hopes and desires is to move back home. I began this new trek with sponsoring a boy from Kenya named Ngethe. His Christian name is Samuel. I am so excited as this is something I have wanted to do since June. Had I continued paying rent I would not be able to do this and so much more. The thing is I want most of my rent money to go elsewhere: Ngethe, 410 Bridge, TIA, MountainLake, etc. I felt that the rent money was being wasted when I could be staying free at home. So no regrets. Just the hassle of moving everything back home (which all I have left is some clothes, my bed, and tv).


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