Thanks God for the rain we have had. Of course it really doesn’t amount to much with Lake Lanier’s need. I hate overcast days. I mean, when life is going super great, an overcast day is great for a movie, games, sleep, and just chilling. But when life is anything but great with stress, papers, work, school, ect. Gloomy days add for depressing nights.

Psalm 31:16
Let your face shine on your servant; save me in your unfailing love.

Even though the clouds are blocking the sun and the mist hides its rays, God is there. He can fulfill your day. Not in a cheesy way, but give you comfort, hope, and peace. This morning I was really down and out, but realized “Why am I thinking this way?” I am blessed. I have water. I have a family. I am loved. I have a future. I am learning. I am growing. I have a job. I have friends. I am protected. I have a bed. I have clothes. I have air conditioning. How can I be sad?!

Maybe it’s because of this. My life centers around me, and I am pretty sure yours centers around your life as well. When it becomes all about me, I begin to search for more and more to fill my needs: food, products, toys, movies, games, and on and on. But what I really need is: community, prayer, reading the Bible, giving away rather than getting.

Here is the worst thing I could do, I could have school 20 hours a week and a job that is 26 hours a week. And I have only the rest of the time to devote to mostly homework, eating and sleeping. Bah! Where is the community? Where is the quiet times? Where is the serving? I replace it instead with things to make my day worth something like, playing video games, watching tv, watching a movie, sleeping. And sometimes I wonder while doing this, “man I feel like I am wasting my time.”


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