Humor in Somber Times

I will update you tomorrow on how great our God is. It has been a tough few weeks for my family and our battle with my aunt’s cancer. God has shown himself through Chris and it has been the most awe-inspiring experiences I have ever had. So for those of us who are in pain, but rejoicing as well, here is a translation of my previous post in Redneck terms. Thank goodness I am barely in the Forsyth Co. line, there is still some rednecks here though. This one is for you Emily. 🙂

Jest Do It
ah ain’t writ much lately as much has been gwine on in mah life. It has been crazy, but fine crazy. ah now wawk at Nike Facko’y Sto’e at th’ No’th Geo’gia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, GA. I’ve been trainin’ an’ wawkin’ on memo’izin’ all th’ producks (ugh). ah’s also wawkin’ at B&B Awards in Cummin’,GA on th’ square. It’s fun an’ VERY laid back. Shet mah mouth! Skoo at No’th Geo’gia is gwine fine. Histo’y is sech an awesome majo’. ah have had a blast larnin’ all about stuff fum Mesopotamia t’now. It is an awesome skoo an’ it is fun t’watch th’ guys hoof it through their mo’nin’ drills while ah’s in mah comfy clo’es walkin’ t’class. ah mighty respeck them an’ knows thet menny will hoof it on t’th’ Armah, Marines, o’ whar evah an’ gimme th’ ability t’live in a free country. So most of th’ time ah walk in respeck t’class, full of pride fo’ our troops an’ country. So fo’ now ah’s hangin’ in thar. Soakin’ all th’ experiences in, both fine an’ bad knowin’ thet ah will gain so much. ah’s blessed beyond belief.

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