Just Do It

I haven’t written much lately as much has been going on in my life. It has been crazy, but good crazy. I now work at Nike Factory Store at the North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, GA. I’ve been training and working on memorizing all the products (ugh). I am also working at B&B Awards in Cumming,GA on the square. It’s fun and VERY laid back. School at North Georgia is going well. History is such an awesome major. I have had a blast learning all about stuff from Mesopotamia to now. It is an awesome school and it is fun to watch the guys go through their morning drills while I am in my comfortable clothes walking to class. I totally respect them and know that many will go on to the Army, Marines, or where ever and give me the ability to live in a free country. So most of the time I walk in respect to class, full of pride for our troops and country. So for now I am hanging in there. Soaking all the experiences in, both good and bad knowing that I will gain so much. I am blessed beyond belief.

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