Last Minute Man

Gah! Why do I tend to wait till the last minute to do things? I work great under stress levels, that is probably when I am able to focus the most. But there is so much going on,

1. Geography Map Quiz
2. Close Reading
3. Government Exam

The great thing is that I knew I had these coming up two weeks ago. Maybe it is because I have had so many other things come up since then…right?! Nope. I guess I am a procrastinator. Here’s the thing, I will get each of them done, especially the last item, but I have compromised getting a good grade with the first two. As soon as I am done with my last class today I have 3 hrs and 45 min. to do the Close Reading assignment. Have I really started it? No. Have I done one before? No. Do I know how she will grade it? No, however she is a very complex teacher. So,in the end I’ve made a mess of my grades. Maybe it is just coming down to me. Yeah, me. Poor pitiful me.
(To Be Continued…) 🙂

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