So we woke up again at the break of dawn. Not to a crow again though(major foreshadowing here!)! We quickly got our stuff together and ran down to breakfast. After that we went up to Suzanne’s cabin and had a time of prayer and worship. We then followed with quiet time. That was when it started to rain and we had to rush to the vehicles where our luggage had been dropped off. We got all the stuff packed and we were ready to go in no time.
So it took us nearly an hour and a half to get from Elijay to NorthPoint where we were meeting up with the BigStuf interns to have a cookout with Lanny and gang. Backyard Burger was catering (which was awesome!). Just as we were beginning to play Ninja, Lanny got us together and we ate. After a great meal, Lanny got us together and explained all about BigStuf, Journey, and the 410 Bridge. After getting about a forty minute lecture, the BigStuf gang headed to the airport and we went to StayBridge Suites, our hotel off NorthPoint parkway. Travis, Joey, and I got our own room, and the other guys got another. So began our task of downsizing our stuff to one personal bag and one carry-on. Our other checked-in bag would be a team bag. After downsizing to an awesome 32 lbs. I helped Joey along with Travis to pack all the team equipment. It was neat to be able to take Travis twice around NorthPoint. Pizza was our dinner and we began to finish packing and going over tomorrow’s plans. I was able to catch a little bit of LOST. 🙂
Sleep was better that night, but not the best. The next day would be crazy as we began our trek to Amsterdam.

End Day Three

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