Training yesterday was long, but good. Joey and Suzanne (our leaders) did the best job I have ever seen fully explaining the culture of Kenya and what all we will and could experience. I am so excited about all the possibilities. After three hours of training it was lunch time. The food at Camp Highland is surprisingly better than the food at BigStuf’s summer camp in Panama City. After lunch we played a little frisbee and football before it was time to do more training. We did a team building exercise where we got in a circle and tossed a ball, a thing of glue, and a frisbee around to three different people. Each element made it more difficult and challenging.
After that it was off to the low ropes course. It was definatly a blast riding the hummer-like military vehicle all through the mountainside. Our first initiative was my least favorite. Steel ropes connected to trees making us all go by line from one tree to another without falling. It took us forty minutes to really get the hang of it, but we did it. The next initiative was to put half of one team on one block/square of wood and then half on another. Then with a rope swing across until everyone had flipped sides. That took us a good thirty minutes. It was fun. 🙂 Our last initiative was the Wall of Doom. That took fifteen (minutes) with great ease. After that we were worn out and ready to relax. So we went up to the high ropes course and watched the BigStuf camp interns go while we drank some h20. Soon we were on our way back to the cabins when most of the guys and Tana were dropped off to play Ultimate Frisbee with all the BigStuf guys. Fun! Then it was time for dinner. After dinner we did a time of training and then Suzanne and I gave our testimonies. I wanted to be open and uncomfortable, so I instantly raised my hand to go first out of all the campers. I wasn’t detailed because I have a month to get to know all of these guys!! It felt good.
End Day Two

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