Here in Africa!

Hey everyone!
This is the same message that I sent by email!
Africa has been amazing so far! I cannot begin to express and explain all the experiences and feelings I have had. I don’t have much time, so this message will be real short. I am in a cyber cafe (Dagit Cyber Cafe) in Nairobi. It is awesome here. We just got to Nairobi from Karatina yesterday. It is totally opposite here. Karatina was very rural and here it is very city like. Last night we were at a Java House in the very rich district of Nairobi. It felt like I was in Destin, FL. I had Pollo Quesidilla and a side of chips (fries) a Coke, and an iced latte. I was in heaven. It was great to have some American food for the first time in a long time! Karatina was awesome. I had a great week there. I was in the market one day cleaning shoes with a guy named Andrew when I fell and severly sprained my ankle. It is still very swollen and very very bruised, but all I can do is elevate it at night and keep it wrapped all day. There was no ice in Karatina. I am able to walk though. In two days I will be doing a 6 hour hike up a volcano, so I am doing my best to get it better. I don’t want to reveal to much yet, but we saw a goat get butchered. WOW. A guy did it in his front yard like it was perfectly normal. Cut the neck open, blood goes everywhere…..yeah. And the kids just sat in front of us. The goat was good. Oh, and I went to some waterfalls the other day.
So much is happening!!!! I am going camping in two days as well. The people are so nice!
I love you guys!

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