Trip Itenerary

Tentative Itinerary
May 14-meet in Atlanta and head to Camp Highland
May 15-training at Camp Highland
May 16-drive back to Atlanta/ cookout out at Lanny Donohos
May 17-fly to Kenya!
May 18-arrive in Kenya-sleep at Ufungamano
Karatina-May 19-May 27
May 19-drive to Karatina/meet the Antioch students that night
May 20-church at Antioch Baptist/team meetings
May 21-May 26-ministry in Karatina-sports camp, children’s home,
visits to people’s houses, market place ministry
Stay @Starbucks hotel each night
May 27-church in Karagota/say goodbye to Karatina/drive to Nairobi
CCRC/Nairobi May 28-June 8
May 28-rest, debrief, laundry, email day/lunch at Java in Nairobi
May 29-visit Christ Compassion Rehibilitation Center in Joska
May 30- June 1-camping with Nairobi Journey Students
June 2-8-ministry in Nairobi-working in slums, feeding program,
HIV/AIDS patients, hanging out with college students,
children’s home,
Journey program at the University
June 8- we will do Journey Program/SURPRISE!
Team Time June 9-June 11
June 9- Naikuru Park/Stay at Simba Lodge
June 10-debrief/fly home
June11- arrive in Atlanta

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