A New Decade.

So it is great to be twenty! I was ready to get out of the teenage years, not that it was bad, but it was time. God has great plans for me, and I think this decade is going to blow my mind. And to begin it, I am going to Africa…WOW! It is about 3 weeks until I go and I am getting more and more excited/anxious as the days draw near. I am about halfway to my $3,600 goal. I still have a ways to go, but so many of you guys have been gracious. It is not too late to help me out financially. I need money in by May 6th. I’ve been trying to figure out how to prepare for a trip this monumental, but really, there is no way. So I’ve decided to just be me…no more and no less. That is what God wants. He doesn’t want me faking my faith. He wants the authentic Trent. I am not the best Christian. I don’t ready the Bible every day. There are days I don’t talk to God. I struggle with my self image. I worry ALOT. I get stressed easily. But I love God. I trust Him more each day. I love unconditionally. I am optimistic in the most pessimistic places. I am easily WOWed. I smile constantly. I dance all the time. I laugh. I listen. I know when to be still. That is me. No more and no less. And I give it to God knowing He can and will use it all more than I ever could.


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