April’s Here!

WOW. I am about 5 weeks out from heading over to Africa. I think I am still in shock. With shots down and all my medical stuff going to insurance to hopefully get reimbursed, I am waiting for my passport to get in. I have been reading up on Kenya and of course the good ‘ole Bible. I am frusterated as to what I should be reading and how I should be preparing. Praying? Yes. More? Heck, yes. But how can I get myself more prepared? Suggestions are good.. You can leave an anonymous comment with advice. I guess I am sort of scared because I don’t think I am the best Christian. I look at some of these other people going, and I am all like “WOW! It seems they are so much of a better Christian than I am“. Maybe being me is all that God is asking…He can handle the rest.

Thanks to those of you who have sent in support. I am starting to get updates and we have still a long way to go!


One comment

  1. It is never a good idea to compare yourself to others, b/c there will always be others better than you and worse than you. Instead you should only boast in the Lord. What is God asking of you? Are you doing it? As long as you are obeying and doing your best for God, that is all He asks. He does not want to be anything but who He created you to be which is yourself.

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