April’s Here!

WOW. I am about 5 weeks out from heading over to Africa. I think I am still in shock. With shots down and all my medical stuff going to insurance to hopefully get reimbursed, I am waiting for my passport to get in. I have been reading up on Kenya and of course the good ‘ole Bible. I am frusterated as to what I should be reading and how I should be preparing. Praying? Yes. More? Heck, yes. But how can I get myself more prepared? Suggestions are good.. You can leave an anonymous comment with advice. I guess I am sort of scared because I don’t think I am the best Christian. I look at some of these other people going, and I am all like “WOW! It seems they are so much of a better Christian than I am“. Maybe being me is all that God is asking…He can handle the rest.

Thanks to those of you who have sent in support. I am starting to get updates and we have still a long way to go!


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