Less than 50 Days!

The countdown is on! Less than 50 Days now before my Journey begins! I will be posting updates here before and after my trip. We will have one day for email throughout the trip and I will inform you of it so you can know when to check for an update. So I start off with my first journal entry. It’s very honest of where I am at in life right now, and I will be honest in my entries. This is real stuff I am preparing for, and it ain’t easy to bear.
Thanks for all your encouragement and help as I prepare!

March 02, 2007
So here begins my journey with BigStuf’s Journey program. I am a little over two months away from leaving the United States and heading to Kenya, Africa. WOW! Since 7th grade I have been dreaming of this and now my dream has finally come true! I am so nervous, anxious, scared, excited. What lies ahead? I totally feel unworthy and unprepared. I’ve been patient with God for the past few months as he has stirred things around in my life, and all those times I have prayed and wished for open doors, He is opening so many! I guess you could say I’ve doubted Him. Sometimes I don’t think He will do what I ask Him to do. And now I am ashamed at how little I have trusted Him and believed in Him over the past weeks. Well, here’s the biggest open door yet…and I am stepping through it.

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