Day 17. Journey.

Day 17. Journey.

We are on a journey… and I mean more than a trip to Atlanta. Much more. We are after our Creator, restless souls longing to be in the arms of the One who made us. A Father whose arms are home. We are happy here on earth, but not fully satisfied. In fact, as the days mount, this thing called life earth looks less and less promising, not more and more appealing. But that’s OK. We’re just here for a brief visit. We’re on our way, headed home.

We’re not anti-earth. Rather, pro heaven. As long as we’re here we’ll enjoy this place, while fighting on for the Name that sets us free. But we have a departure date just ahead. And, speaking for myself, when I am gone, shed no tears for me. My final destination blows this place away.

In the meantime, Lord willing, I’m headed to Passion 07… and so are a ton of you. We’re coming on planes, on buses, in vans and in cars. In fact, some of you still are not’t exactly sure how you’re going to get there. But you’re coming. You’re determined. You’re on a journey. We are all, and it won’t be easy.

In these last days many obstacles will come…they always do…trials from without and within that seek to impede our successful arrival at Passion 07. In fact, for us at Passion struggle has been at our door all fall long. Cancer, has been our companion. The fight, ever-present. But we’re still coming, no matter what.

So, get ready for them in coming days. Job changes. Financial worries. Family crisis. Illness. Friends bailing. Schedules crashing. Stuff happening. Many things will try to stand in the way, but let’s pray today…

Lord, You are sovereign over all things, and over all of us. Lead us to Atlanta under Your care. Thwart enemy plans that might stop us from being a part of all You have in store. And even today open the way for others to come. Those who are hoping for a financial miracle or a change of heart from a parent. Please open the way. Passion 07 is not our prize. You are what we want. And heaven is the end of the race we run. Today we are leaning that way, toward You, toward home. We love You and long for You, Jesus.

Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

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