Day 10. Finish

Day 10. Finish.

Though there are over 22,000+ of us headed to Atlanta (and growing), today is about you…and your race to the finish. Closing in on the end of another semester you may be limping, crawling, sleeping and hoping it just all goes away, sprinting, or running around in circles, but whoever you are we want you to know we are praying for you right now. Your sleepless nights and stress-filled hours spent staring at computer screens hoping words and pages miraculously appear are almost over. Happiness, your bed at home, your dog (insert pet of choice), mom’s cooking (insert restaurant of choice), your little brother or sister, sleeping till noon and your part-time job at the mall all await you! Press on!

So for all of you who have had way too many cups of coffee, for all you procrastinators who have proved you can read a textbook in less than eight hours, for all you planners who have turned your projects in early (OK, for you, the one guy who turned in your stuff early) and are coasting to the finish worry free, for all of you who have done your best and for all of you who are needing a boost for that one last push before you’re homeward bound…

“He [Jesus] gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power… .” Isaiah 40:29

Father, we are praying for students everywhere today, knowing that You are right where they are…right in the middle of papers and projects and deadlines. Give them (and all of us) the grace to breathe in Your presence and walk in Your strength. We want to finish well for Your sake, and ours. Jesus, be life and strength in the weary today as they put all their hope in You. Thank You, Amen.

PS-Major congrats to all you guys who have finished the bigger race and are graduating in coming days! Yippy!

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