Day 8. Touch

Day 8. Touch.

We are the people of God. In other words, we are the visible image of the story of God on earth. We are the light of the world, His body…hands, feet, eyes, heart, in the midst of culture. We are representatives. Ambassadors. Good news carriers. So that every person on planet earth can know they are prized and loved by a perfect Father in heaven. To this end we are inviting every single person coming to Passion 07 to Touch Atlanta, as we provide basic needs to those with the greatest needs throughout the city.

As we have approached homeless shelters and assistance organizations working in Atlanta, tops on their list of durable needs are towels. It seems that when people leave these facilities the towel often leaves with them, becoming a blanket, pillow or means of carrying their few belongings through the day. And high on the list of clothing items are socks for men, women and children.

So here’s what we’re going to do together. Each of us is going to make a tiny sacrifice by bringing a new/like new bath towel AND one new/like new pair of socks (you pick men’s, women’s, children’s) to Atlanta. Our combined efforts are going to make a massive difference in the lives of people in Jesus name.

There’s no way 20,000+ followers of Jesus should show up in any town without those needing food, clothing and shelter being impacted in some way. While they will probably never hear about Passion 07 (who cares, right?) we want them to know through these simple gifts they are of great worth to God.

So stuff both a bath towel and socks in your bag and bring them to Passion 07 Registration. It’s going to be a beautiful sight!

Father, open our eyes to see those You see, and open our hands to announce the nearness of Your Kingdom in tangible ways to all in need. Following Jesus’ example, Amen.

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

PS-We are not equipped to receive towels and socks from those not coming to Passion 07, though we would encourage you to seek ways to make a difference in the town/city where you live.

Our group will participate. I am not sure at the moment how we will collect socks and towels. I will announce in the coming days how we will collect the socks and towels.

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