Day 7. Rest

Day 7. Rest.

Rest today. Not so much in the sense of doing nothing, but of doing everything with the confidence that a greater power source is available and at work in you.

God says, “in quietness and trust is your strength.” He is not calling us to a life of ease and leisure, rather to lives of unparalleled purpose and destiny requiring determined sacrifice, effort and passion. Yet all the while He insists we remember the Sabbath—remember that He does it all—as we lean into His infinite resource of strength and ability.

Finals. Deadlines. Mountains. Miles. Problems. Work. Uphill. Long haul. Heavy. Complex. Heights. Darkness. More. Cracking. Can’t.

He is I AM.

Father, as I work I will rest in You. Thank You Jesus for Your abundant life inside me. I want Your greatness to be seen in my weakness. So happy Your power is mine. Amen.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10a

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