Day Two

Day 2. Today.

Though we are on the road to Passion 07 in 27 days, the challenge for us all is today. Especially those of you who are feeling the heat of finals and end-of-term projects that are looming in the days ahead. So while we want to think and pray about our time here in Atlanta, what’s most important in this moment is finishing well. And to finish well we have to know that God is with us today…right where we are.

Your classes, projects, exams and deadlines matter to God. Why? Because they are part of your life, and everything about you matters to Him. God’s not isolated to church, ministry or worship. He is present in the smallest details of our days and ready to bring His divine energy to bear on whatever the task at hand. Think about it… He made the universe by the power of His command, so He probably knows a little something about whatever it is you’re studying right now!

So, here’s the deal…Passion is going to be incredible. But God is just as interested in doing something supernatural in us where we’re sitting right now as He is during the days we are together in January. Invite Him into the fray–and ask Him to empower you to focus, understand, prioritize, trust and work like never before. I think you’ll find Him more than willing to meet you where you are and carry the weight of your academic load with you. And, hopefully, you’ll find joy in doing your very best so that He is seen and known in your studies, which, in the end, magnifies Him.

Praying for you: Father, we bring all the students reading this today to You…asking You to allow their minds to focus, increase their understanding and help them to make the connection between doing their best and pleasing You. Cover them with a sense of Your presence in the midst of long days and sleepless nights, and bring them through with a smile and the reward of knowing they excelled to the greatest degree possible. For Jesus in their school work, Amen.

Your prayer: Father, I can’t make it through these days alone. Live through me to make me the best student I can possibly be. I’m working hard, yet trusting You every breath of the way. For Jesus in my school work, Amen.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” Colossians 3:23

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