A fireside moment with Louie

The Shape Of Things To Come

Thanks to all of you who tuned into the Passion 07 Podcast–connecting the world on the journey to Atlanta. We’ve had a lot more listeners in week one than we expected and even landed in the top 25 of all Podcasts on iTunes, something I hadn’t even thought about when we started. Tomorrow (November 22) Podcast #2 will launch with a fantastic interview with John Piper and a little extra “Piper twist” you won’t want to miss!

This past week on the Podcast we shared our BIG NEWS, which really wasn’t big news after all, but more of an update on where things are headed here at the Passion House. For those of you who couldn’t hear it for some reason, the big news is that Passion 07 will be our last four-day January gathering for a bit. To be specific, there are no plans underway for a Passion 08.

Passion 07 will mark three straight years for the January event, growing from 11,500 in 05 to over 20,000 this year. We could keep building and possibly grow bigger and bigger, and in many ways that seems like the most logical thing to do. But our hearts are not moved by simply having the largest gathering possible and, as a result, our path in 2007 and 2008 is taking us a slightly different direction. The path ahead is less of a sure thing, but it’s one we couldn’t be more pumped about! So the Big News IS NOT that there will be no more Passion gatherings after this year. Just that the shape of those gatherings, and their locations, will change.

Why share this now? We didn’t want anyone to not come to Passion 07 because they thought they would have the chance to experience it next year at Passion 08…only to discover that there is not a next year… and then be sad, or mad, or sad and mad and all jacked up because we didn’t tell them that they really did need to come this year and not go skiing with the fam in Utah because they could (and should) go skiing with the fam in Utah next year, but they can’t come to Passion 08 next year because there will not be a Passion 08 next year to come to because our path is changing a little in the near future. So, we are letting you know now so that you can make your decision having all the info. I agree, the news is bittersweet. But the journey God is leading us on has a place for you, too.

And what about the shape of things to come? We can’t say a lot now, but there will be much more to come on that front while we’re together in Atlanta. For now, stay tuned to the Passion 07 Podcast and have a fabulous time with family and friends sharing Thanksgiving together.

So Grateful.

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