This is a copy of the update sent by email today!
If you haven’t listened to the first episode of the Passion 2007 Podcast on iTunes then you have missed out on two important things. One, this years theme (you can win another free coffee if you go to our blog at passionforsyth.blogspot.com). Two, Passion 2007 will be the LAST Passion Conference. Louie Giglio in the last ten minutes of the podcast could not stress enough how important it is to get everyone to come to Atlanta this year. In the events that have occurred, I am easing the rules a little bit and will allow anyone to come (yes, boyfriends and girlfriends). My whole intention for that rule was making sure that Passion 07 was totally between you and God with no distractions. I asked myself what was the wise thing to do, and the answer was for then to not allow boyfriend and girlfriends to go. I am glad that I listened to God, for in the past few months I have seen boyfriends and girlfriends come and go. However, I have seen a few of you lovers still able to hold on to a few of your mates, and I believe that you guys are mature enough to know when is the time to set relationships aside and focus on God. So with that said, the hotel fee is $170, and the conference fee is $149 until Dec. 1st. Hotels will probably be full by Dec. 1 so I will need to get any extra rooms no later than the week after Thanksgiving. We still have room on the ladies side, and I believe we still have one bed or floor space open on the guys side. I would love to see us get another room. But to make that easier on us, we need to get more people to go.

Please, Please, Please don’t let money hold you back. Send a letter out to family and let them know that you want this as your Christmas present. This WILL be the best Christmas present you’ve ever had. I promise. Also, Passion ’07 will be the best witnessing tool for those of you who have dorm mates, family members, or friends who are struggling. Please don’t let this historic event pass you by. Contact me as soon as possible if you can make it or if you have friends who are determined to go.

Here’s the deal for anyone who wants to go from now on.
1) You MUST register for the conference BY CHECK. I will register you online to our group and you will have ten days to get the check to Passion.
2)You will only secure a hotel space after you have registered for the conference. Hotel checks will be made out to my lovely mother.

Also, GO TO THE BLOG TO CHECK OUT THE 2007 THEME! There is another coffee giveaway!

And MORE FREEBIES! Other than those who have previously mentioned to me of the possibility of coming, for anyone who registers in the next two weeks I will give them a coffee for free. The person who brings the most people will get a PASSION 07 CD on me.

Please check out http://passionforsyth.blogspot.com for more info. and to see who’s going so far!
Love you guys and please forward this to those I have missed!

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