New Hotel…Well, Kind of…

When I was down in Atlanta the other week we were supposed to drive by our hotel that we are staying at for Passion. Where Fairfield Inn Should have been was Baymont Inn. I was all like, “What the hay?!” So I guessed that it was the adjacent building. Well, I was researching more today and found out that our hotel changed companies and names. The rooms are still in the same condition as well as all our services. We’re looking in to see if there were any changes made to our rooms and rates. I am a little bummed in that one of the reasons we chose the hotel was because it was cheap and all the Fairfields I have been to are nice, so I am sorry that this happened. We were not notified of the hotel change. But, there is nothing for you to worry about. Like I said, it was only a name change. Next year we will get into Hyatt or Marriott Marquis (Oh-lala).
I will update if anything else changes with the hotels.

Remember, I will be sending out notices to everyone on their remaining balances (whether you have any or not) this week!


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