BIG Update

Passion Update

Hello everyone! I hope your school year is going well! It has been hectic my way with so many papers, tests, midterms, and more, but I am so ready for Passion. I just got back from Fall Break in Peachtree City, and I was able to spend a day scouting Downtown Atlanta. Sharing Atlanta with over 13,000 college students (as of two weeks ago) will not be easy, so I looked for places to eat, hangout, get coffee, do quiet time, as well as some recreation for free time. I hope below to answer a few more questions you may have, as well as provide you with information that can help you plan moneywise!

Group Update
So far we have 14 people going! A few have yet to pay, but as of October 24th, it stands at 14 people. Luke Smith is going as well, but he has another group. Also, we have friends at ChristWay Community Church (some of you have met Justin and Amy as well as some of the college students there) who will hang out with us from time to time. Also, WE HAVE ROOM FOR MORE! Please, Please, Please continue to reach out to more of your friends, roommates, ect. We have to more bedspace as well as floorspace to fill. I would to see at least two more people go! It is never to late to join!

Hotel Update
I had a chance to visit a few of the hotel we did not get in this year.  Yes, it was sad, but maybe next year. Our hotel is nicely situated between everything (Underground Atlanta, the Capitol, Hard Rock, Phillips, CNN, Centennial Olympic Park, Coca-Cola, etc.) We have a nice location as well as a not too shabby walk. We are 8 block from the main session, but it is really only a ten to fifteen minute walk or less. It will give you a nice warm-up. We are not right against the interstate like Google Earth likes to show, we are nestled between another hotel and some huge skyscrapers. I believe Baymont Hotel is the one right next to 75/85 N. We also still have 4 hotel rooms, 2 for the guys and 2 for the gals. (Right now we have 7 guys going and 7 girls going)

Venue Updates
This year the main session will be in not one, but two venues: Phillips Area and the Georgia World Congress Center. That doesn’t mean that in the GWCC that we will stare at the screen, they will have live music and then broadcast whomever is speaking from the other venue. They said each venue will have its perks. Thus said, we will have specific colored armbands that will tell us which venue we are in. Because of that we may not be will Luke’s group or with other friends groups during the main session. Our group will stay together, but we may not be with them. Seating at the main venues are first come, first serve, so we will be there early to get good seats!

“Gotta Eat!” (Who uses that slogan? The first one to email me with the answer will get a free Starbucks or Caribou Coffee at the conference!). We have gotta eat, right? Well fortunately two lunches are integrated into our conference fees (yay!). So all we need to worry about is lunch on the way down, 3 dinners, and another possible lunch on the way back. Here is a rough idea of the eating itinerary:
Jan 1st: Lunch at the Varsity; Dinner at Underground, Peachtree Mall, Phillips Food Court, GWCC, or a fast-food joint in walking distance.
Jan 2nd: Lunch provided; Dinner at Underground, Peachtree Mall, Phillips Food Court, GWCC, or a fast-food joint in walking distance.
Jan 3rd: Lunch provided; Dinner at nice restaurant (I am looking currently at Azio’s (
Jan 4th: Possible Lunch on Way Home
*Continental Breakfast should be provided by hotel, if not, maybe a grab-and-go at a café somewhere.
Estimated Money Need for Food: At least $50

There are a lot of neat stores in Atlanta that many of you will be able to visit during the daily free time, but you may want to save your money for all the gear that they will sell at the Passion store (cds, books, audiotapes, shirts, ect.). There is a lot of memories you will want to buy.
Estimated Spending Money (not including snacks): $50

Sharing ATL
Can you believe we have to share Atlanta with over 13,000 thus far?! Well Passion is expecting at least 10,000 more to register in the coming weeks! WOW! How will there be any space?! So due to the tremendous amounts of people, we will always be walking and keep our cars at the hotel. Your hotel fee includes the parking fee as well as any other transportation costs.

We are in need of 2 vans and a car to go down to Atlanta. We have to pay for each vehicle that is staying at the hotel, so the less we have the better. Right now we are planning on meeting and keeping our cars at the Lakeland Plaza parking lot.

Air Matresses
We already have some requests to sleep on air mattresses, with that in mind if anyone has an air mattress, please let me know!

Fee Notification
By November 1st, everyone should be notified the remaining balance on their payments. It doesn’t mean you have to pay it immediately, it’s just a notification. Please let me know if they balance is wrong.

Frequent updates will begin occurring in November, as well as a counter that will show how many more spaces are left until Passion is sold out! Please visit often:

Until the next BIG update, I’ll see you on our website!

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