Gone! Gone!

Tonight we had a suprise going away party for Sam. Sam is leaving for Thailand on Saturday and about 21+ of us went to Kandee’s apartment. We raised over $120 for her mission trip, equalling about 4,477 Thai dollars. Sam is going to be gone for 3 months! But she will be back 🙂 We did more Catchphrase tonight as well!


JJ scrounges for what money he has to give to Sam. We wondered where he got the money and swore we saw him in the East District the other night…

Black and Kandee wait for Sam.

HERE SHE IS!!!! Now…where’s the food.

Catchphrase was after the group photo and the money giving. Kandee here is having a tough time expressing her phrase.

Brent…again the pimp daddy. He claims I am the pimp, but sadly no…’tis him. If I am anything of a pimp, I get it all from him. 😉

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