Minors in Chatt-Town

Still recouperating from a crazy Friday, a group of us decided to head down to Chatt-Town to have some fun. When we got there, we immediatly noticed how crowded it was. It took us forever to find parking and once we finally did, groups of people were piling down to the main streets. So our group went to Buffalo Wild Wings and played the trivia and ate the food. Everything was superb as always except the last few wings I ate were raw (yuk!). So that put a little bit of a damper on things. After that we walked around and meandered through the crowds. We got closer to the aquarium and we checked out Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream but it was crazy packed and we were going to check out ColdStone Creamery. So we went around the aquarium and onto the back street between the water and the aquarium. Elaina and I noticed that there was a HUGE festival going on and guessed that was where everyone was going. So we walked down the street while Chris, Kathryn, and Arielle were a tad hesitant. So we got up to the barriers and saw an opening and walked right past the police car and into the festival. Well, a few steps into the festival we noticed that it smelled wierd. I looked around and was all like “Oh, heck no!” and Elaina was all like, “Oh heck no!” We were at a Beer Festival and everyone around us was drinking and smoking it up. Also, everyone had wristbands and we didn’t! The police apparently blocked the other guys from going in but somehow Elaina and I were able to get through without being stopped. So I quickly made it look like I had a wristband on and Elaina and I eased our way to the entrance of the festival. So we laughed so hard and high-fived each other for being so super-cool. We headed over to ColdStone while Black Chris was being patted down for drugs and we got some great ice cream. We tipped the heck out of those people because every time you give a tip they sing and do a whole routine with their scoops. So after 5 tips we continued back onto the streets and past guitar players. We decided to head back over to the river and up towards the pedestrian bridge. And so we did. We hung out for about 20 min. around this museum and glass bridge and then met up at the pedestrian bridge. The ped. bridge is apparently the biggest in the world and goes across the river and onto the other side of town. I had never been to the other side which had a ton more shops and restaurants as well as Coolidge Park (which was one of the nicest parks I have ever been to). So we hung out there for an hour and noticed that it was getting mighty late and we crusied back over to the truck and headed on back home. It was a fun night, and one that Elaina and I won’t forget anytime soon.

(Check below for pictures)

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