Friday Night Fun (Part I)

So tonight had to of been the craziest friday night I have ever had. The pictures will explain, and I will provide commentaries under each when I get them all up. Part II will be up in a day or two.

So here is everyone sitting around. Oh…wait, there’s Kyle Grace!!! Yes, he came up from Bama to visit.

Scott and Sarah hear music and are all like, “Oh my gawsh, is this Fergie?!”

JJ and Sarah begin to feel their hips moving to “London Bridge”…uh,oh.

And they’re off. Sarah is still in the kitchen, but JJ and Chris (White) are ontop of the stools.

Jeej (JJ) is starting to frolic and Chris is trying to impress Scott.

Scott was NOT impressed!

(Continued in Part II)

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