Email Update 8.4.06


Hello all fellow Passion attendees and the undecided!
Here is a quick update for all of you!

Hotel Fee

Thanks to those of you who have paid for your hotel fee so far or have made a down payment. Yes, if you need to you may go ahead and make a downpayment to the amount of your discretion.

August 18th is around the corner and so is move-in time for many of you guys as well as the first tests and homework for you high school seniors. So, make sure you handle as much as you can before then!

Remember that the $170 or a downpayment must be given to trent in cash or by check. You can give it to him in person or mail it to him at: 2495 Misty Hollow Lane, Cumming, GA 30040. Please make all checks out to Tricia Hope.

High School Seniors

Questions have been raised over what happens to high school seniors at Passion. As far as I know you will attend worship and the sessions with us, the only time I think you would ever be split from us is when we split into breakout groups. I will ask another youth pastor and see if anything happens.


Already 7200 have registered for Passion, 400 new registrations in the past 2 weeks! WOW! This time last year for Passion ’06, only 2100 had registered…kind of says alot about what this year is going to be like. Thank goodness we have hotels now, as most people will be spending a ton more for rooms as time gets closer. They expect way way way over 20,000 this year! And we get to be apart of it all! WOW!

Remember, you do not have to register at the moment. Mid-September, though, the cost will go up $20 from $129 to $149. Not bad, but just to let you know. When you are ready to register, just send a check to Passion Conferences, PO Box 2192, Roswell, GA 30077. The day you mail the check (if you forget, let me know the day after), let me know so I can register you to our group online. You will recieve a receipt later on.

Still Room

We still have room for the gals, and a waiting list for the guys. If you have a friend who would like to go let me know!!!

Our Website

Please visit our group website which has all this information and more up on it! Go to:

Call me or email me if you need anything!!


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