News – 7/16/07

NEWS – 7/16/07
Navigation Bar:
To the left is the navigation bar. New sections will be added as time goes on. Today I added a Billing Information section. Please make sure to check there for up-to-date info on paying info.

Still Some Room:
There is still room for people to go. Added to the list is our second and final high school student, Hannah Campbell. Passion only wants a certain amount of high school student to go and we don’t want to go against their whole purpose!

Hotel Fee:
The hotel fee is the only thing I need from you as soon as possible! I have given you a date (August 18th) to be the final day to pay for it. The reason is because 2,206.88 is being held on my mom’s credit card for our rooms. As more people register to go with us, the price ($170) will go down for hotel rooms. So encourage a few of our groupies who are still not on the list to go!

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