Hot or Hot?

Apparently I am on this website called “Hot or Not”. They’ve been putting guys pictures on it from my floor just to see what the girls were saying. Well alot of people kept on telling me “9.2” tonight and I didn’t understand it until someone showed my a picture of my lying on my bed studying Biology with my boxers on. Well apparently alot of girls think I look good. They put the pictures up tonight and I’ve already got enough votes to be rated!! They guy who started putting alot of us on there is mad because he has a 6.2. Ha! Well…Ladies, I am a 9.2 *Howls*

Spring Break was good. I got to meet up with a TON of people for lunch, dinner, etc. I also got to see my grandmother’s new home in Athens (about two minutes from UGA). I got to see a few people at UGA and a softball game. I had dinner in one of the dining halls, and was almost in tears over the beautiful and bountiful selection of food….and then there is Lee. Yuck!

Tonight I went to the filming of my friend T-Ran and his gang on some television show. He and the band sang two songs live. It was awesome. There were cameras everywhere and lights shining from all directions. We even had a green room to wait in before the band recorded. Sweet, eh?

Yeah….more on life later.


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