Boot-Scoot Booing!

Just when I was starting to really enjoy my shorts, I got kicked out of New Testament! He came up to me and told me to get out of his class. At first I was like, “What the heck?” To him shorts were inappropriate. He failed to give any of us a warning and a few others we asked to leave as well. Out of the 12 or more classes I have taken, he is the first to ask me not to wear shorts. We were having a quiz that day, and I was not going to get a zero. He wasn’t a person who got to know people on a personal level, so he didn’t even know my name. With that, I knew I could take the quiz and him not able to not give me a grade. Anyways, as soon as I took it, he asked me to leave and I did. I was not going to get a zero. So I got out and was mad. He should have given me a warning that he didn’t want people to wear shorts, if he had, I would have not worn them. In addition, I am paying for that class, and supporting him and his family. Also, his whole attitude is I am older, smarter, and more mature than you, so listen and obey. Listen and obey my butt! You may know alot more about the Bible, but that doesn’t mean you are any the wiser. There is a difference. So, not much respect for this guy. I never really cared for him since his first sarcastic remark. Can’t wait to evaulate him. 😉

So I went back to my dorm and enjoyed the rest of the day and classes in SHORTS! Alot of people emailed me the notes and said they were sorry and that they were proud at how I left quietly and with dignity! The comments I recieved says alot about the professor. Well, that was a could couple dozen dollars down the drain.


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