Isaiah Knew

This is the answer I gave to my Theo professor for homework. I was shocked at what I put down. It’s nice to be reminded of how GREAT our God is.

2. According to Isaiah, what would be the characteristics of the one who would come to set Israel free?
Isaiah gave us a clear picture of who would come to set Israel free. He said a shoot would sprout from a stump of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of his roots. The spirit of the lord would reside in him and give him wisdom, understanding, discernment, knowledge and fear of the Lord. He will not judge from his eyes or ears, but speak righteousness, equality, and faithfulness. Isaiah goes on to say that he will not be majestic nor physically attractive, and will be rejected by the people. He will be despised, accounted stricken by God, wounded for his transgressions, and crushed for his iniquities. He will be oppressed and will be like a lamb that silently goes to be slaughtered. He will be cut off from the land of the living and will die in the hands of the wicked and rich. And through all this, he will have done no violence and will have said no deceit from his mouth. Yet it is all the will of the Lord (WOW! I just cant understand why the Jews of today didn’t see that in Jesus, when it is so plainly said here!)

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