Hello World!

Today is beautiful! To go from snow on Monday to the mid-sixties on Wed. is freaking awesome! We have convocation all this week, and it has been pretty interesting so far…we’ll leave it at that. God has been doing a lot lately in me and a few of my pals, so definatly some prayer needed. But, thank God I haven’t had much homework this week. Valentine’s Day was nice, took two girls out to eat and the to Dairy Queen. So, I am enjoying things and being patient with God.



  1. werd yo….. pray for me and for some of us down here…. it’s going to get bumpy here soon (just an inclination I have…)


  2. We will definately be in prayer for you. I don’t know if you noticed our messege on your other blog page, but we were wondering if you were going to be on Campus for Lee Day, April 7-8… we are taking a trip to Gatlinburg earlier that week and thought we would come say hello on our way back home if you were gonna be around. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. ^ Yep. I should be here! In fact, Adam Martin says Johnny A. was looking at Toccoa. You might want to reccomend Lee to him as well. I can always give him a tour.

  4. We have actually mentioned it to him before. I think he is set on Toccoa, but we will try it again. Do you happen to know a senior from Lee named TJ Sloan…he is our new music minister(or auditioning for it, I should say.) Anyways, maybe we could do dinner or something when we are up there. Hope you are feeling better!

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