Headaches and Stinky Breath

Today is much better than yesterday, although now I have a bad headache and I am procrastinating from doing Psychology and Rhetoric and Research. Not to mention I have an exam on Thurs. in Psych. and I am going home tomorrow night to speak to all the kids in the youth group. Arrrgh!

BUT! I had my interview with two leaders of BigStuf, Megan and the Blogger Guy (Sorry I can’t remember your name). They said I’ll find out by March 1st if I’ve made it (aARGH! That’s forever and them some!). But the also let me in on a new neat project they are piloting this year. They are now going to start taking college students to Africa for 4-6 weeks! I’ve always wanted to go to Africa!

Psychology studying is going….well, it’s going. Exam on Thurs.
My English paper is BLAH! It’s due Mon.

Alot of stuff going on!


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