Day One, You Complete Me

Whew! I had four classes in a row today! Rhetoric and Reasearch, Health, New Testament Survey, Lunch, and then finally MATH *Cue the horror music*! All-in-all, my classes don’t seem too bad. I had lit and math homework, which I will go into detail about in a few minutes. Anyways, we had more conversations outside our windows tonight. It was quite interesting. I look foward to many more. I was hanging out in a floor mate’s room a few windows down and noticed they had the game “Prison Tycoon”….How many tycoons can you make?!! So, I plan on trying it after play some of Ski Resort Tycoon (HAHA!).
Back to reality, tonight they had an ice cream social (sounds feminine) in the second floor cluster, which was fun. After awhile of watching Juan taunt Patrick I headed back up to my room to work on more homework (already!!!). I actually had fun reading two literature pieces for R+R, they were “Ms. Brill” by Katherine Mansfield and “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway. The whole structure and way they told the stories blew me away. So much so I am going to re-read them!! After that, I had MATH homework. Which took me an hour and a half to complete 3 sections and 13 problems!!!

Here’s to tomorrow!

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