This letter was sent out to all churches who are going to BigStuf this summer. This is the camp that I am wanting to intern at. I thought if I got accepted I would only be doing 11 camps of 12,000 students, but he says so far that 16,000 have signed up!!! WOW! I am so excited about possibility of being able to intern a whole summer in Panama City and also it seems I would go on a mission trip to Africa. So here is what Lanny said:

Hi Campers!
Normally i want to start these blogs or letters and do the
humor, tongue in cheek, sarcastic, lots-of-adjectives, excitement thing. That
last sentence is all your getting this time. God is on the move. Life is short.
We have a mission. Unbelievably, we already have over 16000 people registered
for camp…we want you there….sign up now.God has some incredible things in
store for our interns this summer. We need your sharpest college students to
sign up and do it now. God is moving us into a missions mindset more than ever,
I am headed to Africa in March and again in May. I think we are to play a major
part in making a major difference in thousands of lives in that continent. I
think we are supposed to be making a major impact on lives of college students
who want to go there. Let the ones in your church know. We are sensing urgent
messages to be delivered to students at camp….we need your prayers as we put
the program together. I just got back from Passion 06. Watching 17000 college
students worship and engage as they did was incredible. God is doing some
incredible stuff. Let’s all make sure we are in the middle of doing all he
wants us to do to make the most of the days.As John Wesley once said…”Do all
the good you can. By all the means you can.In all the ways you can.In all the
places you can.At all the times you can.To all the people you can. As long as
ever you can.”
We are wanting to put a blog up where you can be one of our
prayer partners and voice your prayers for us as we do for you for all the days
now before camp. Be looking for that on our site. Then if you feel like you
should….become one of our every day prayer partners. Actually you can do that
before we ever get anything up on our site.



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