A friend of mine recently posted this, and I feel it says a lot about ourselves:

Wow….*slight grunt*…….I still haven’t fully processed all that I want to say, but a lil bit of it is this. I love being a Christian. I mean it-I love it. I love being loved, the way that I am, by I AM. I feel so small-so low. I embody failure-that’s not pretty language-that’s the truth. And just as true is the fact that I am cherished by the Most High, tears are coming…I don’t deserve this. I wish I were more honest. I wish that I didn’t hide the fact that most days I don’t feel this way. Most days I have joy, but it is shaddowed by fear that God doesn’t really care about me, insecurity that I’m not good enough or pretty enough-even for Him, and lonliness because I isolate myself from Him. Most days I’m selfish, and on those days He loves me just as much as He does today-even when my mind just can’t quite bend around that. I’m just as Holy, just as blameless, just as pretty to Him on those days as I am during worship services. I’m so thankful, so very thankful today. Jesus, I love you (in permenant marker).

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