Great news out of Bad

Sorry guys no college update tonight. I am slammed with exams, essays, research papers, and tons of reading. But God is so amazing in taht my friend Krystal Cencebaugh is alive and well! I recieved an email from Mrs. Jordan, a teacher of mine back in high school telling me Kystal was in a horrible accident with fatalities and she was lifeflighted. Well, you can imagine I was freaking out. So I was calling my friends trying to figure things out and I called the hospital and a doctor let me speak to Amy Burnison. She was NOT lifeflighted and there were NO fatalities (Thank God!). Krystal over-corrected and went off the road and into the woods. A tree took off her car roof, but completely missed her head! Amazing!! Around 1 Amy told me that she was getting staples in her head, she had blood in her chest, and a fractured spine. Later on this evening Amy told me she was out of the ER and would be in ICU for the next few days. The next update though came from Krystal!!!!!!!! I called Amy about 8:15 to check and see how Krystal was doing. Amy was whispering and she told me that she was in the hospital and wasn’t supposed to have the cell phone on. The next voice I heard was Krystal. I about lost it! I was dancing around the room telling how much she scared us and that we all have been praying for her and we loved the heck out of her. She was so hilarious in that she was totally out of it. I told her she probably wouldn’t remember a word I said tomorrow and she said that would proabably be true. So I let her go back to her drugged up state-of-mind. OUR GOD IS AWESOME! So I have the energy to get me through these next few days!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so glad to hear that she is doing ok. Krystal used to go to my church and dated a friend of mine there too. Also her little sis Meaghan is working with us at PIU now! I will definately keep her and her family in my prayers. God Bless!!

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