Alpha Gamma Chi get’s national attention!!!!!

Today I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and the sound of softball! I think they were glad to see such a beautiful morning. They hadn’t made much progress since 2:00 AM, but were still moving. After History, Chapel, and lunch, I came to check up on the guys. CBS Channel 12 News was filming people and the event. After I was done for the day I came back to see ABC Channel 9 News broadcasting. Things improved alot today as more deorations and signs went up. The morning talk show hosts for Alive 95 did a special appearance tonight as well.
I just came in and it is now 1:20 in the morning, so I will make this update a Friday update! I’ve seen about 4 1/2 or so hours of “The Game” today. Anyways, the best part is to come, word was going around about how it would be cool to be on ESPN SportsCenter. About a little past 12 midnight the people in the press box announced we were on the ESPN SportsCenter Top Ten Countdown!!!!! We are being broadcasted all over the world! So check us out every half hour Friday morning. We are #6 (!!!!!) on the countdown!!!!!!!! After hearing that most of us cheered. The players seemed to get a little adrenaline boost. One of the guy’s lifelong dream was to be on ESPN SportsCenter, now he is! Cool, eh? Well, I think I might go back outside for awhile; it’s only 1:30 in the morning! 😉

Trent “My college and dorm is on ESPN!!!!” Hope
Will be up when server is up. It’s super-sweet.

B-e-a-utiful morning!

This was midday 171 Maroon/ 160 Silver Inning 105????

News and some fans.

Players taking an allowed 30 min. break. They accumulate 5 min. for every hour they play.

One of the guys taking a quick 20 min. nap.

J.J. trying to win some prizes while the guys are getting their power naps.

Me and Sarah R. (Can’t even begin to say or spell her last name).

When I decieded to go inside, the score was 373 to 355 and it was the 157th inning.

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