The Longest Game in History Begins

Today at 5:30 Alpha Gamma Chi began their 101-hour marathon. After watching about 3 ½ hours throughout the night, I finally came in at midnight. At midnight they took their first thirty-minute break out 10 or more breaks. The opening ceremony was great as Ocoee Middle School cheerleaders cheered the guys on and the Lee Singers sang the national anthem. The Mayor spoke as well as sponsors were recognized. Paul Conn threw the first pitch as everyone cheered “Play Ball!” At 6:00 the game officially began. The teams are blue and burgandy. I am betting that burgandy will win! It got down to 33 degrees tonight and I froze to death. I came back into the dorm and kept my hoodie and beanie on for awhile. So, the fun begins!
Video server currently down. It’s only a video of us freezing our tooshies off!
Everypne huddled up singing the Alpha Gamma Chi anthem.
Dr. Conn throwing the first pitch.
Some news people (Channel 9, I believe) and a boy throwing a ball.
I was cold.

We were all cold. It was cold. Cold. COLD!

As of midnight, the score was 90-90 and they were in the 31st inning! They were six hours into the game and were taking their first 30 min. break.

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