Don’t Shun Me…I like to Salsa

Salvador came tonight to Lee and played! Salvador is a latin Christian band that has a humongous group of band mates. Eight people make up the band with a variety of instruments. They Rocked! One of the things I don’t think Lee thought through was that:

  1. This band is Latin
  2. This band is huge
  3. This band does salsa

Now I love to dance, but Lee seems to frown upon dancing, but that didn’t stop me and hundreds of others. People were dancing all over in the auditorium while Pastor Harper sat in his little corner. It was so much fun, and it all for the glory of God. The opening acts were gospel singers and were very good as well. So that’s just a tidbit about my salsa experiences.

Here is a spanish song that people seemed to know.


The Lead singer and probably the youngest of the band Rocked!

Here’s a partial view of the whole band! 8 members! They rocked!

One comment

  1. So now you’re a Salsa dancer? Be careful, God might shun you (as well as ALL your fellow classmates) for this Trent! SYDNEY might get upset too…. she doesn’t like it when other girls see you dance….


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