Super Chicks and Hand Waves

Weekend Recap for October 7-9th
Hey guys! This past weekend was a blast! I went home for the first time in 7 weeks (50 days)! It was awesome to see my county, street, house, dog, family, and friends. I got home Friday about 4:30ish and spent the night hanging out with my dad. We had to go all over the county to find diesel. After ending all the way on the other side of the side of the county we found one place that had gas! I can’t believe all the gas stations are closed down in Georgia. In Tennessee gas is more than thirty cents cheape. So Friday night quickly came and went and Saturday morning arrived.

I went Sat. morning and hung out with Laura, Jessica, and Billy at Laura’s house up in Dalonegha. We had some fun as you can tell from the pictures below! After a few hours it was time to go to Peachtree City to see some concerts!!! I went and picked up C.W. from his work at the corn maze and then drove and picked up Andrew. We then quickly (but safely) drove down to Peachtree City (which took a good while).
We went to see the “Until My Heart Caves In” Tour at an ampitheater in Peachtee which was extremely nice. The first band we saw was Sanctus Real, which rocked! We missed Kids in the Way by ten minutes, but I’ve seen them before. But the next band was the one I was mainly coming for, SUPERCHICK! They are an awesome band with an awesome message for teens and especially young girls. Their message is so clear and I love their ministry. Adam and Jenni (my old youth pastor) both know Tricia and Melissa Brock. They ROCKED! The one thing that ticked me off was that they had to turn off a lot of speakers due to feedback. šŸ˜¦ But they were still sweet! I can’t wait to see them again. After their wonderful set was over, I went to meet them at their booth. When I got there I saw the line was so long! We waited for about an hour to meet them, but it was so cool! The security was nuts, they kept staring at me and the guys. I got to talk to Melissa and Tricia and told them I knew Adam and Jenni Deckard, they quickly lit up when I told them I knew them. So we chatted for a few seconds and that was that. I know I will see them again. šŸ˜‰
So while we waited, Pillar was playing. We didn’t miss any of their sets as we watched while we waited. They sounded pretty sweet and rocked just like the other two bands before. I also went and got the signatures of Sanctus Real while waiting for Audio Adrenaline to come on. As soon as Audio Adrenaline came on, we went to the front and rocked through a few songs when the lead singer (Mark) came out into the audience and sang “Big House”. He came all around us and walked right infront of him. But that is not the coolest part, I got on stage!!!! I had made a “More Cowbell” sign before I came. Audio A is big fans of the cowbell skit on Saturday Night Live and I found this out when I saw them in concert this past summer. So as he yelled that he needed some volunteers, he saw me holding the sign and pointed at me. So I ran up on stage and danced and sung to “Beautiful”. In the video I look so goofy because I couldn’t jump very well with my backpack until I finally took it off. Mark gave me a high-five for the sign and I had a ton of cowbell followers cheering me on.
When I finally got off-stage I saw my friend Sarah Brown with Andrew and C.W., she had seen me on stage and had also run into the guys. So I gave her a hug and noticed that the band suddenly quit playing. One of the kids who had gotten onstage did a stage dive when we were getting off and knocked out a girl. Yeah, it was crazy! So they had to stop the set for about ten to fifteen minutes. The girl was okay and Audio A finished their set. I ended up not getting home till about one in the morning, but it was worth it.

Sunday morning, by the grace of God, I got up and went to church. The youth building is totally different as Adam remodeled it to look like a garage. It looks so awesome! It was neat to see Cassi, Jessi, and all my pals. After church I went home to a wonderful meal cooked by my mom. I got to bring leftovers back to college with me!!! After mom took me shopping for some very needed supplies, I pakced up and moved out.
So the weekend was awesome. I loved coming home, but I also missed college life. College is awesome, but I can’t wait to see all my pals again!

Enjoy the video and pictures!
Trent “I need more Cowbell” Hope

These are two hilarious videos, the first one is of me trying to jump and pump my hand up with my bookbag on. Boy did I look goofy. The other video is of Andrew trying to figure out the camera and actually capturing me not looking goofy and Mark (lead singer) of Audio A.


We got bored and decieded to watch the Outdoor Channel!

A giraffe’s eye view of the ampitheater.

Sanctus Real was the first concert we caught!

It’s me and the lead singer. And I look stoned…and so does he….

SUPERCHICK! One of my favorite bands!!!

Good ‘ole Tricia Brock!

This chap was awesome!

Me and the Brocks!

Audio Adrenaline ROCKS!

Mark is so cool that he comes out into the audience singing “Big House”.


Me on stage!!!! More Cowbell!


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