A Week in Review

Hey guys! Just an update for this friday afternoon. It was a rough week of two exams, a few tests, and essays. Next week won’t be that much easier either as I have a few more quizzes, an essay, and an Old Testament Survey exam. I studied my butt off this week and for some reason my Bio exam didn’t show all my efforts. Then in Bio today he talked to us about how when we aren’t doing good, we aren’t honoring God. So I felt like crap. Then he proceeded to give us a pop quiz on stuff we haven’t even started yet. So, I am guessing this the class he does each year to motivate kids. Half of the class was missing since we took an exam last class. So I am a little bummed about Bio right now. THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

Last night I helped a dormmate with studying for the OT Exam next week. I didn’y miss SURVIVOR and ER though. ūüėČ

Pictures are back up and working! Over the next few days I will be adding pictures to all the past blogs, so make sure to check the past few posts! Also, for your patience, I can now put videos on my blogs! So I will be putting up some neat clips over the next few weeks!


Rachel and Adina are awesome singers. You’ll hear Chris in the end.

Here’s a 360 Degree view of my room. Granted this is the second day of school and it doesn’t look like this now. (Correct video now up!)

Everyone decided to come into our room!

I gave blood to get extra credit in Biology after I took the exam that day. I was not a happy camper!

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