LOST at Paradise

Today was VERY eventful as we went down to Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee, GA. It was nice to be home for a day. 😉 The only problem we had was getting there. With the help of Mapquest I did a circle while trying to find an exit ramp and landed back at Lee. It really wasn’t my fault as I was given no warning of the exit I needed to get off at. So I quickly lost the trust of my pals and I was booted to the back. I kept my mouth shut as we headed down I-75, the totally opposite direction. I knew we were going way out of the way, but I just kept my mouth shut. So we ended up 2 hrs later in Tunnel Hill and I got them to stop at my aunt Cathy’s house so we could just relax and let their nerves calm. We had been lost about three or four times by then. So I let them try to figure things out and we were soon back on the road. We took a long way around and ended up getting lost once or twice more. I knew exactly where we were going, but didn’t want to cause any more stress. We were heading in the right direction, but just going the LONG way. So instead of taking about an hour and 45 min., it took us about four and a half hours. We still had fun in my truck though!
So finally we got to the nice beach house and found awaiting us a great assortment of food. I ate hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans and tons of chips and dip. After stuffing ourselves we went swimming, diving off the dock, and tubing. We had a blast and were worn out. After falling asleep two or three times on the dock, we headed up for dinner. Afterwards, we hung out and I tried to salsa. To my dismay, I just can’t get these hips to move!
The trip back was easy, as I lead with no problems through Geoegia, North Carolina, and back into Tennessee. The ride back was relaxing as I rolled the window down as we drove by the Ocoee river.
Trent “The Adventurer” Hope

The view was amazing! Mountains and lakes go well together

It’s Patrick!

White Chris and Pat!

Richard and Black Chris (Yes, we refer to them as black and white Chris).

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