Frightful Friday

So Friday was super-sweet with a nice dinner at the cafeteria. I found that I had no more meals for the week, so I had to use my flex bucks. I figured that I hadn’t gone out in a week (surprise, surprise!). So, I decided to get out Friday and go to see the movie “Flightplan” starring Jodie Foster with a few pals of mine. To my surprise, the movie was not as bad as the critics said it would be. It was slow, but really good. After that we headed over to Steak ‘n Shake. I am really trying to get the guys to expand their tastebuds to different restraunts because I am sick of shakes.

Trent “Surprise is today’s special word” Hope

Walker Arena (Basketball Arena) is being remodeled, and looks awesome! They plan on being done by homecoming. The building in the far back is Atkins-Ellis where Becky, Sarah, Rachel, and Adina live.

Kat and Chris at the movies!

I was walking out of WalMart and there was Pat and Kat. J.J. then did the same thing. This was around 12:30 in the morning….yeah.

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