A Flippin’ Sweet Night of Concerts

Yesterday (Sat.) was BORING, but the Bulldogs WON! We are 3-0 right now! GO DAWGS. Now to Sunday! Sunday was a blast! A group of us went down to ChristWay and then Waffle House afterwards for a great brunch. I took a nice nap and then I headed back down to ChristWay for youth group. As soon as our small groups was done I headed straight back up to Lee to catch yet another free concert ( actually 3 concerts in one). There were two opening bands: a guy and Kendall Payne. Kendall was amazing and reminds me of Leigh Nash, Plumb, and Jennifer Knapp. She had everyone’s attention. Shaun Groves was the main artist and rocked the house. It was an amazing set of concerts. Afterwards I met Kendall and Shaun and got to hang out with them for awhile (You’ll love the pictures).
Trent “I love Kendall Payne” Hope

Kendall Payne was proposed to by a fellow redneck.

Kendall and I. Every time I get I picture I look stoned. So Kendall decieded that I needed to shut my eyes till the camera person said three. So I did…and the results are below!

Yeah….Next picture please!

Shaun Groves and I. He was awesome and very talkative!

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