Barf and a Box

Tuesday Night rocked! Not much to update except I recieved a package!!!!!!!! YES, I was so happy. I recieved some school supplies, gum, sanitizer, air freshner (Thank you JESUS!), and a postcard. Postcards are good. After much excitement and much flaunting of my first package we went to Jazzman’s after hanging out and doing homework. We went NUTS! As for the picture you see of me blowing chunks, it’s actually a crappy Frozen Mocha. I decided after being spinkled with holy mocha water that I would just empty the cup…and empty the cup I did. I Kodak moment soon followed.
Enjoy! More updates tomorrow.

My first package. Deserves a snapshot!

Nasty Frozen Mocha or BARF if you insist!

I can’t believe I snapped this picture. Yeah, it looks like an Ad, but what you don’t know is afterwards…yeah…it was a Frozen Mocha. A memorial fund is being set up for the Mochas incase you wish to donate. Please send checks or dollars in fifty dollar incraments (sp?). Gracias!

One comment

  1. I wish to donate $100,000 because you know how I feel about coffee and if there is a fund to save them, I am there. And for the curious, it’s increments. Love ya! -issaC

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