A Homeless Choo-Choo

So, I wasn’t planning on doing anything Wed. night. Alot of my pals were going to go down to Chattanooga for the Men’s Soccer Game and I needed to study. Well, at the last minute I found out we would get back earlier than I thought we would, so I went. Well, the rest of the group fell apart for some odd reason and Becky, Patrick, and I went. So off we went and we had a blast. We played Covenant College Scots atop lookout Mtn. and passed into Georgia for a few hours. For those of you who know me well, I get easily excited. So I pointed out every rock and artifact along the way. We won our game 5-1 and headed for downtown to look for some grub. Chili’s sparked our appetite as we ate and then headed back home for the night. Maybe some pictures will help you understand better.

Cookies. Brownies. CCM Magazine. Pictures. Cards. Go0000d. 🙂

A picture of a cool bridge, what you don’t see is the homeless man we almost hit. You can sort of see the buggy to the right of the car. Seriously.

Imissed the T…so it’s “renton”.

They call themselves the “Lee Hooligans”. Enough Said.


  1. Hey Jamal. It’s Tracie. lol 😀 You sound so busy!!!But sounds like you’re having a blast! When you come back in town give me a call, we should go get coffee, yum Hey And Pork And Beans. Hope 2 talk 2 u soon and God Bless! Krystal

  2. Trent!!!!!!!! Long time no email what’s up with that????? To busy to say hi to me 😦 I miss you and it sounds like your having a blast!!! Don’t blast to much and get behind in your studies!!!! Trust me I know!!! 😉 Hope your not to busy to drop a line sometime!!! I’m praying for you and tell all your new friends that your old friend said hi!! ROCK ON AND REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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