Nuts and Shakes

So this weekend was a little eventful. It has gone by so fast!! Friday we played volleyball for an hour or so and then we went out to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. I ended up buying to appetizers and sharing them with a few people (Don’t get the hot wings! They cheat you out!). So after a ton of peanut wars and okay food we left and went to hang out back at O’Bannon.
Saturday we went back cliff diving. I decided I was not feeling good enough to jump (the water drains the crap out of you), but went on instead. It was fun, and afterwards we ran to Moe’s to grab dinner and run back to the football game. GO DAWGS! Even though they won, the game was pitiful and we should have whipped S.C. After that we went crusing to Steak n’ Shake and went driving all over Cleveland singing to all the old school music. We didn’t get back till about midnight and I called it a night. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I am looking forward to church and going to the youth group Sunday night. I was able to get exempt from chapel Sunday nights due to church.
Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday Night at Steak n’ Shake. One word: Sudafed.

Hanging out and watching the UGA game!

Becky jumps off the cliff for the first time. That’s a brave woman right there!

Arielle and Adina sitting and not cliff jumping. 😦

I get my good looks from my dad. Yeah baby!

Patrick looks like this 90% of the time. The other 20% he is zoned out.


  1. What on earth are you doing up at 5:50am mister?! I was taking a shower and getting ready for my first class at 7:00am… I WANT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lata playa!

  2. Hahaha.. just playaing, the times on my computer are being stupid… It’s 12:28pm and it says that I posted that last comment at 9:27am… weird… anyway… lata playa!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was going to go to that concert with Hef, but she couldn’t get a ticket for me! But I do want to go! I miss you Trenton!! It’s not the same with no one to sing to!! Hope college is treating you well! issaC “I will beat you with the word of the Lord” Gerjets

  4. One question… Why do you look so happy to be “spooning” with your roomate in that one pic? That is one weird and random pic…got me a little worried…lol…but I still love ya!

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