Has it been a week already?!

SO this week went by quickly! There was alot of things that happened and I was so busy. Let’s see where I can begin. I spent one day studying in Schimmels Park across the street from O’Bannon Hall (my palace). It was so amazing! I spent three hours out there studing History. I became so addicted to the air, I seriously fell in love with the weather. If you can’t find me in the dorm, cafeteria, at Jazzman’s, or Paul Conn SU, you can find me at my table in the park.
My floor is so crazy! We’ve got an awesome group of guys and we call ourselves the ninjas. We have a bigger title than that, but I can’t recall it right now.
I went Thursday night and saw Bebo Norman for the secod time. I saw him for the first time in 2002 at HiFi Buy’s Ampitheater in Atlanta. The lineup was Paul Colman Trio (now just Paul Colman), Bebo Norman, and Third Day. That was the best concert I have ever been too. So I was highly anticipating this concert along with the free admission, food, and transportation. It rocked, even though I didn’t get to meet him afterwards, I got his set list though. I know, sneaky me! But it was a good concert that I needed to go to after a few days of a ton of work.
Last Night (Friday) I went to the Freshman Dating Game with a few pals and watched some desperate people trying to find their soulmate. It was hilarious. Thank goodness I never signed up. After the dating game we went to find a movie, after an hour we ended up at Hamilton Mill and some of us saw Batman Begins and others saw Transporter 2. We got back after curfew (bad me), but our RA never checked to see if everyone was here. SWEET, eh?
Today I have just been sleeping, studing (Yes, on a Saturday), and watching the UGA game starting NOW! BYE!!!!!!!


Bebo Norman in all his glory!

We are the “Fraternal Order of the Ninjas”. So here is one of my ninja bros.

Who’s that stud? It’s me! It’s me! 😀

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