Life on the Edge

So here is my first two day entry of many to come I am sure. So yesterday (Saturday) we slept in till about 12:15ish. We were all lazy and stuff when Caleb, our RA, told us to come and doo the Scavenger Hunt. It didn’t really phase me until we started that this scavenger hunt spanned the who city of Cleveland, so I needed my truck. Well, it turned out that only my suitemates and I did the race from our floor but we still went. So off we were doing one thing after the other, getting clue after clue until 5pm when we had to meet up at CiCi’s. We ended up with 3rd place out of probably 8 or so teams. We got some prizes and a free dinner. Yes, I said FREE! So I ate to my heart’s content and then drove back to the dorm. Now, CiCi’s is my weakness and I have an issue of knowing when to stop eating…so after 8 or so slices and a few deserts later I felt sick as a dog. So I left my pals to go work out. I walked most of it off, but still felt uneasy. I will try to avoid CiCi’s the next time. The funny thing is that I eat pizza alot for lunch and some dinners. So Saturday came and went with the usual meet at Jazzman’s at night and hang out with the gang and Sunday came.
I awoke Sunday morning to my wonderful alarm clock to get up and go to the 9:00 service at ChristWay Community Church in Ootewah, TN (hilarious, yes?). I was sitting by myself when I noticed that my Residential Director (Todd) and his wife (Michelle) sat down up front. So I went and sat with them the whole service. Of all churches the could go to, the go to one about 20 or so minutes from Cleveland. So they offered my rides to church on Sundays.
After getting back and eating an okay lunch, a group of us went cliff diving. And that was it….”wait, did he just say ‘cliff diving’?” YES! We went about 30 minutes up close to Athens, TN around a paper mill on the Chattahoochee and to some cliffs right over the river. It was pretty high up. I jumped off the high cliff and the lower cliff and it was freakin’ sweet. It took your stomach like crazy. After two jumps I was bushed and let everyone do the swing. So it was pretty extreme and fun.
After wearing ourselves out, we raced for dinner and then chapel service which was the best so far. I started to feel God’s presence more as these past few weeks have been rough. The music was amazing as a girl sang “Sing to the King” and the “Majesty”. So the weekend was pretty eventful and fun. Now to homework!!!!!

Did I mention I lived on Spooner St.? Yeah, you get used to random people spooning you. Just kidding!

Patrick swinging off one of the cliffs. Note that I jumped off one alot higher.

A nice view of one of the smaller cliffs we jumped off of into the “Hoochee”.

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